Top Healthcare Conferences to Attend in 2024

Josh Ternyak

April 22, 2024

Top Healthcare Conferences in North America

When it comes to staying updated with the latest trends and advancements in the healthcare industry, attending conferences is essential. In North America, several conferences stand out as must-attend events in 2024. These conferences provide a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and exploring innovative solutions. Here are three of the top healthcare conferences in North America for 2024:

HIMSS Global Health Conference

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Global Health Conference is a must-attend event in North America in 2024. This conference, scheduled from March 11-15, 2024, in Orlando, Florida, brings together healthcare professionals, technology experts, and industry leaders to explore the latest innovations and best practices in healthcare information and technology. The HIMSS Global Health Conference provides a valuable opportunity to learn about cutting-edge solutions, discuss key challenges, and discover strategies for improving patient care and outcomes. For more information, visit TravelPerk.

American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting is one of the top healthcare conferences to attend in North America in 2024. This meeting gathers oncology professionals, researchers, and industry representatives to discuss the latest advancements in cancer care and treatment. The ASCO Annual Meeting serves as a platform for presenting groundbreaking research, sharing clinical insights, and fostering collaborations to improve cancer care globally. By attending this conference, participants can gain valuable knowledge and contribute to the advancement of oncology.

Society of Hospital Medicine Converge Conference

The Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) Converge Conference is a key healthcare conference to attend in North America in 2024. This conference brings together hospitalists, healthcare administrators, and other professionals in the field of hospital medicine to discuss emerging trends, best practices, and challenges in providing quality hospital care. The SHM Converge Conference offers valuable educational sessions, networking opportunities, and access to the latest research and innovations in hospital medicine. By participating in this conference, attendees can enhance their knowledge, expand their professional network, and contribute to improving patient care.

Attending these top healthcare conferences in North America in 2024 can provide healthcare professionals with valuable insights, networking opportunities, and access to the latest advancements in the industry. By staying informed and connected, healthcare professionals can make a positive impact on patient care and contribute to the advancement of the healthcare field.

Key Healthcare Conferences in Europe

For individuals interested in staying abreast of the latest advancements in the healthcare industry, attending conferences can be a valuable opportunity. In Europe, two key healthcare conferences that are highly recommended for attendance in 2024 are the Boom Summit by DayOne and the Innovation Summit 2024.

Boom Summit by DayOne

The Boom Summit by DayOne is a prominent healthcare conference happening in Europe in 2024. This conference brings together professionals, innovators, and thought leaders from various healthcare sectors to discuss and explore the future of healthcare. The summit focuses on topics such as digital health, healthcare technology, and innovation in healthcare delivery.

With a diverse range of speakers and attendees, the Boom Summit offers a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Participants can expect to gain insights into the latest trends, innovations, and strategies shaping the healthcare industry. Attending this conference can provide valuable opportunities for professionals looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Innovation Summit 2024

Another key healthcare conference taking place in Europe in 2024 is the Innovation Summit. As the name suggests, this conference is dedicated to exploring and showcasing innovations in healthcare. It serves as a platform for innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to come together and discuss groundbreaking ideas, technologies, and solutions that are transforming the healthcare sector.

The Innovation Summit 2024 offers a unique opportunity to learn about cutting-edge advancements in areas such as telemedicine, artificial intelligence, precision medicine, and digital health. Attendees can participate in panel discussions, keynote presentations, and interactive workshops to gain insights into the latest trends and developments.

By attending the Innovation Summit, healthcare professionals can broaden their knowledge, connect with like-minded individuals, and explore potential collaborations that can drive innovation and improve patient care.

Attending the Boom Summit by DayOne and the Innovation Summit 2024 can provide healthcare professionals with valuable knowledge, networking opportunities, and exposure to the latest advancements in the industry. These conferences serve as platforms for collaboration, idea exchange, and inspiration, making them must-attend events for individuals who want to stay at the forefront of healthcare innovation and drive positive change in the industry.

Noteworthy Healthcare Conferences in the US

In the United States, there are several noteworthy healthcare conferences that professionals in the industry should consider attending in 2024. These conferences provide valuable opportunities for networking, learning, and staying updated on the latest trends and advancements in healthcare.

MGMA Summit

The MGMA Summit, scheduled for March 12-14, 2024, in New Orleans, LA, is a prominent event that brings together more than 60,000 medical practice administrators, executives, and leaders from various healthcare organizations [1]. This conference focuses on addressing the leading challenges in the healthcare industry and provides a platform to discuss topics such as revenue cycle management strategies and practice administration. Attending the MGMA Summit can offer valuable insights into improving operational efficiency and navigating the evolving landscape of healthcare.

HCSRN 2024 Conference

The HCSRN 2024 conference, to be held from April 9-11, 2024, in Milwaukee, WI, emphasizes leveraging the power of the network in rapidly changing times [1]. This conference is organized by the Health Care Systems Research Network (HCSRN), a collaboration of 19 leading healthcare systems dedicated to conducting health services research. The HCSRN 2024 conference provides a platform for sharing scientific findings from research projects conducted within the network. Attending this conference enables professionals to stay updated on the latest research and collaborate with experts in the field to improve healthcare and health outcomes for populations.

RBMA 2024 PaRaDigm Event

The RBMA 2024 PaRaDigm event is scheduled for April 14-17, 2024, in Las Vegas, NV [1]. This conference is organized by the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA), a professional organization dedicated to the business of radiology. The RBMA 2024 PaRaDigm event aims to amplify every aspect of radiology practice and address the dynamic forces transforming the radiology business landscape. Attending this conference provides an opportunity to gain insights into radiology business management strategies, technological advancements, and industry trends. It also offers a platform for networking with fellow radiology professionals and industry experts.

By attending these noteworthy healthcare conferences in the US, professionals can enhance their knowledge, network with peers, and stay updated on the latest developments in the industry. Each conference offers unique insights and opportunities to contribute to the advancement of healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

Emerging Healthcare Conferences

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, staying updated with the latest trends and innovations is crucial. Attending conferences provides an excellent opportunity to gain insights, network with industry professionals, and expand knowledge. Here are three emerging healthcare conferences to consider attending in 2024:

Fierce JPM Week

Fierce JPM Week is a highly regarded healthcare conference that attracts top executives from pharmaceutical, biotech, and venture capital companies. This conference serves as a platform for industry leaders to discuss the latest advancements, trends, and investment opportunities. In 2024, Fierce JPM Week will take place in San Francisco, California on January 9-10 and will also offer a virtual component from January 16-18. This conference is a must-attend for those seeking to stay at the forefront of healthcare innovation and investment.

DHIS: West Coast

DHIS: West Coast is a digital healthcare innovation summit that focuses on various topics, including women's health, underserved healthcare areas, and the influence of Big Tech. Held in La Jolla, California, on February 6-7, 2024, this conference brings together thought leaders, industry experts, and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and explore the future of digital health [2]. DHIS: West Coast provides a valuable platform for discussing the challenges and opportunities in transforming healthcare through digital technologies.

ViVE 2024

ViVE 2024 is a technology event focused on healthcare business transformation. Co-hosted by the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) and HLTH, this conference aims to bring together C-suite executives, senior digital health leaders, health startups, investors, and solution providers. ViVE 2024 will be held in Los Angeles, California on February 25-28, 2024. By attending ViVE 2024, participants can gain valuable insights into the latest technological advancements and strategies for driving business transformation in the healthcare industry.

Attending these emerging healthcare conferences provides opportunities for learning, networking, and staying ahead of industry trends. By participating in Fierce JPM Week, DHIS: West Coast, and ViVE 2024, healthcare professionals can connect with industry leaders, exchange ideas, and contribute to the advancement of healthcare innovation.

Theme and Sub-themes of Priorities 2024 Conference

The Priorities 2024 Conference sets the stage for shaping the future of health prioritization by addressing ongoing disruptions and emerging innovations in healthcare. The theme of the conference, as described on the Priorities 2024 website, is "Shaping the Future of Health Prioritization: Strategies for sustainable solutions." This theme aims to tackle challenges such as climate change, geopolitical issues, economic growth, financial constraints, and healthcare innovation.

Shaping the Future of Health Prioritization

The conference theme explores strategies for sustainable solutions in health prioritization. It aims to promote a comprehensive, holistic approach to ensure resilience and sustainable solutions for better health systems and beyond. By taking into account the challenges faced by the healthcare sector, the conference seeks to enable health systems to withstand challenges and thrive amidst future threats.

Prioritizing Healthcare's Emerging Innovations

One of the sub-themes of the Priorities 2024 Conference focuses on prioritizing healthcare's emerging innovations. This sub-theme aims to accelerate priority setting and unlock the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and real-world evidence (RWE). By harnessing the power of AI and leveraging RWE, healthcare professionals can make informed decisions and prioritize emerging innovations that have the potential to transform healthcare delivery and outcomes.

Multiple Determinants in Health Priority Settings

Another sub-theme of the conference revolves around understanding the multiple determinants that affect priority settings in health. This sub-theme delves into the complexities of managing these determinants and transitioning from ethical and equitable principles to practical health priority setting in different scenarios. By exploring the various factors that influence health priority settings, the conference aims to provide insights and strategies for effective decision-making in healthcare.

The Priorities 2024 Conference seeks to bring together experts, policymakers, healthcare professionals, and stakeholders from around the world to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and propose innovative solutions to shape the future of health prioritization. Through its theme and sub-themes, the conference aims to drive sustainable change, foster resilience, and optimize healthcare systems to meet the evolving needs of individuals and communities.

Insights from JPMorgan Healthcare Conference

The JPMorgan Healthcare Conference is a highly anticipated event in the healthcare industry, bringing together key stakeholders to discuss the latest trends and advancements. Here are some insights from the conference that have significant implications for the sector in 2024.

Easier Access to Capital

Industry experts anticipate easier access to capital in 2024, signaling a positive sign for the sector's recovery. The conference highlighted an observed increase in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity and initial public offerings (IPOs), which are indicative of growing investor confidence and interest in the healthcare industry. This increased access to capital provides opportunities for healthcare organizations to fund research, development, and innovative projects that can drive advancements in patient care and healthcare delivery.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been gaining prominence in the healthcare industry and was a dominant theme at the JPMorgan Healthcare Conference. AI is showing value in various applications across the healthcare value chain, including drug target discovery, compound design, and clinical trial improvement. The increasing symbiosis between pharmaceutical companies and tech firms was evident, with a focus on leveraging data for faster, easier, and cheaper drug development [3]. The integration of AI technologies has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by improving diagnostics, treatment plans, and patient outcomes.

Focus on GLP-1s and Cell/Gene Therapy

During the conference, GLP-1s, a class of drugs that includes Wegovy and Ozempic, emerged as dominant topics. Pharmaceutical companies are actively exploring the next generation of GLP-1s and combinations that could enhance their effectiveness in weight loss treatment. This focus on GLP-1s highlights the ongoing efforts to address the global obesity epidemic and develop more effective weight-loss therapies.

Another area of significant interest discussed at the conference was cell and gene therapy. This emerging field offers the potential to cure previously untreatable diseases and has shown promise in manufacturing and clinical trials. The focus is primarily on in vivo therapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases, aiming to provide groundbreaking treatments that have the potential to transform patient outcomes [3].

The insights gained from the JPMorgan Healthcare Conference provide valuable perspectives on the future of the healthcare industry. With easier access to capital, the rise of artificial intelligence, and a focus on GLP-1s and cell/gene therapy, healthcare professionals and organizations can stay informed and adapt to the evolving landscape of healthcare in 2024.





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