10 SEO Conferences to Check Out in 2024

Josh Ternyak

June 11, 2024

Top SEO Conferences 2024

Must-Attend SEO Events

When it comes to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving field of SEO, attending conferences is essential. SEO conferences provide a platform for industry professionals to gather, share insights, and discuss the latest trends and strategies. Here are some must-attend SEO events for 2024:

Table data adapted from Search Engine Journal

Each of these conferences offers a unique opportunity to gain new SEO knowledge, grow your network, and benefit from the latest industry insights. Attending these events provides a chance to directly interact with industry professionals and experts, ask questions, and gain a depth of knowledge that goes beyond self-guided online research [1].

In addition to the educational aspect, SEO conferences also provide ample networking opportunities. Connecting with like-minded individuals in the industry can lead to valuable collaborations, partnerships, and career advancements. Building relationships with peers and experts can also provide ongoing support and mentorship in the dynamic world of SEO.

Attending SEO conferences is particularly important in the current landscape, where rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning are reshaping the SEO and digital marketing industry. Staying up to date with the latest trends and techniques is crucial, and conferences offer a prime opportunity to benefit from the latest industry insights.

Make sure to mark your calendar for these top SEO conferences in 2024. Stay ahead of the curve, expand your knowledge, and grow your professional network by attending these must-attend SEO events.

MozCon 2024

MozCon 2024 is an upcoming SEO conference that promises to deliver valuable insights and strategies for navigating the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. The event is scheduled to take place on June 3rd and 4th, 2024, at the Seattle Convention Center [2].

Event Details

MozCon 2024 is specifically designed for SEO experts, marketers, business owners, and executives who are looking to stay ahead of the curve in the world of SEO and content marketing. The conference aims to provide attendees with next-level tactics for ranking higher in search results, making data-driven marketing decisions, and future-proofing businesses.

The conference will feature a lineup of extraordinary speakers, including industry-renowned experts like Rand Fishkin, Dr. Pete Meyers, and Wil Reynolds, among others. These speakers will share their expertise and insights on a wide range of topics relevant to the rapidly evolving world of SEO and content marketing [2].

MozCon 2024 will focus on the future of digital marketing, covering key themes such as ChatGPT, E-A-T optimization, TikTok, ranking factors, and algorithm updates. Attendees can expect to gain valuable knowledge and actionable strategies to enhance their SEO efforts and adapt to the latest trends in the industry [2].

In addition to the informative sessions, MozCon 2024 will also offer networking opportunities for attendees to connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and foster valuable relationships within the SEO community. Furthermore, conference videos will be made available to attendees after the event for further reference and learning [2].

Key Speakers

MozCon 2024 boasts an impressive lineup of speakers who are recognized authorities in the field of SEO and content marketing. These experts will share their knowledge, insights, and experiences over the course of the two-day conference. Some of the key speakers scheduled to appear at MozCon 2024 include:

  • Rand Fishkin: Founder of Moz and CEO of SparkToro, Rand Fishkin is a prominent figure in the SEO industry. Known for his expertise in SEO, marketing, and entrepreneurship, he will undoubtedly provide valuable insights and thought-provoking discussions.
  • Dr. Pete Meyers: As a marketing scientist at Moz, Dr. Pete Meyers possesses a deep understanding of search engine algorithms and ranking factors. His expertise and analytical approach make him a sought-after speaker in the SEO community.
  • Wil Reynolds: Founder of Seer Interactive, Wil Reynolds is a highly regarded SEO strategist with years of experience. Known for his expertise in data-driven marketing, he will share valuable insights and strategies for achieving SEO success.

These are just a few examples of the esteemed speakers who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise at MozCon 2024. With such a diverse lineup, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights, actionable strategies, and a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving world of SEO and content marketing.

MozCon 2024 is an event not to be missed for individuals looking to stay ahead of the curve and take their SEO efforts to new heights.


ShinyConf is an esteemed SEO conference that offers valuable insights and presentations on various topics related to healthcare SEO marketing. Attending this conference can provide attendees with the latest trends, strategies, and advancements in the field. Let's take a closer look at some noteworthy presentations and speaker insights featured at ShinyConf.

Noteworthy Presentations

  1. Sustainable Open Source Leadership:
  • Dr. Tracy K. Teal, the Open Source Program Director at RStudio/Posit, will be presenting on sustainable open source leadership, effective project decision-making, and managing user interactions in open source projects [3]. This presentation will shed light on the importance of open source initiatives and how they contribute to the growth and development of the SEO industry.
  1. Reproducibility of Research Code:
  • George, a Software Engineer at Posit Software PBC, will discuss the use of WebAssembly, webR, and Shinylive to ensure reproducibility of research code in scientific environments during the conference [3]. This presentation will highlight the significance of reproducibility in research and how it impacts healthcare SEO marketing strategies.
  1. AI Implementations in Shiny:
  • Tanya Cashorali, the founder and CEO of TCB Analytics, will be sharing real-world examples of AI implementations in Shiny that enhance productivity and decision-making, such as AI-guided drug discovery and productivity enhancements for coding and documentation with GPTs. This presentation will provide insights into the growing role of AI in healthcare SEO marketing and its potential impact on the industry.
  1. Shiny in the Entertainment Industry:
  • Eric Kostello, an Executive Director of Data Science at Warner Brothers Discovery, will discuss the deployment of Shiny in the entertainment industry and its potential to provide data-driven insights and solutions across various sectors [3]. This presentation will explore the unique applications of Shiny in the entertainment field and how it can revolutionize data-driven decision-making in the industry.

Speaker Insights

The speakers at ShinyConf are industry experts who possess extensive knowledge and experience in healthcare SEO marketing. They provide valuable insights that can help attendees stay ahead of the curve. Some key takeaways from their presentations include:

  • The importance of sustainable open source leadership in fostering collaboration and innovation within the SEO community.
  • The significance of reproducibility in research code and how it impacts the accuracy and credibility of healthcare SEO marketing strategies.
  • The potential of AI implementations in Shiny to enhance productivity, decision-making, and efficiency in healthcare SEO marketing practices.
  • The role of Shiny in the entertainment industry and its ability to provide data-driven insights and solutions across various sectors.
  • The evolution of Shiny over the past decade and its expanding role in pharma and life sciences, transforming data communication and decision-making in critical domains.

By attending ShinyConf and gaining insights from these esteemed speakers, healthcare SEO marketers can acquire valuable knowledge and strategies to optimize their marketing efforts in the ever-changing healthcare industry.

Google Algorithm Ranking Factors

Understanding the key factors that influence Google's search algorithm is crucial for SEO professionals and website owners alike. The 2024 Google Algorithm Ranking Factors encompass a range of elements that contribute to a website's visibility and ranking. Let's explore the essential factors and recent changes in more detail.

Essential Factors

To rank well in Google's search results, certain essential factors must be taken into consideration. These factors include:

  1. Keywords in Meta Titles: Including relevant keywords in your meta titles helps search engines understand the content of your webpages, improving their visibility in search results.
  2. User Engagement: User engagement metrics, such as bounce rate, time on page, and pages per session, provide insights into how users interact with your website. Google uses these metrics as indicators of content quality and relevance.
  3. Trustworthiness: Building trust with your audience and Google is essential. Factors such as having an SSL certificate, displaying trust seals, and providing accurate information can contribute to your website's trustworthiness.
  4. Mobile-Friendliness: With the majority of internet users accessing websites via mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial. Google prioritizes websites that provide a seamless experience across different screen sizes.
  5. Page Speed: Fast-loading web pages are prioritized by Google, as they contribute to a positive user experience. Optimizing page speed through techniques such as image compression and caching can significantly impact your website's ranking.

These factors, identified by First Page Sage, play a significant role in determining a website's visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Recent Changes

Google's algorithm evolves over time, adapting to changes in user behavior and technology. Recent changes in the algorithm have emphasized certain factors over others. Here are a few notable changes:

  1. Consistent Publication of Engaging Content: Consistently publishing high-quality, engaging content has become a top factor in Google's search algorithm. This factor has surpassed backlinks and aligns with Google's emphasis on satisfying user intent. Google's AI values content that is produced regularly and provides value to users.
  2. Backlinks: While still an important ranking factor, backlinks have lost some ground to consistent publication of engaging content and keywords in meta title tags since 2018. Content quality should be the primary focus, as it naturally attracts links and is considered the most crucial ranking factor.
  3. Niche Expertise: Google began favoring websites perceived as niche experts in mid-2017. This strategy involves creating a cluster of 10+ authoritative pages around a specific "hub" keyword. This approach attracts traffic from searches containing the hub keyword, enhancing the site's visibility.
  4. User Engagement: User engagement has gained increasing importance in Google's algorithm over the past few years. In 2016, it became an integrated part of the ranking algorithm. Metrics such as bounce rate, time on page, and pages per session are indicators of content quality and relevance.

By staying informed about these essential ranking factors and understanding recent changes, SEO professionals and website owners can adapt their strategies to improve their website's visibility and performance in search engine rankings.

Diverse SEO Conferences

When it comes to attending SEO conferences, one of the key advantages is the variety of events available. These conferences cater to different interests, specialties, and industries, providing attendees with a diverse range of opportunities to enhance their SEO knowledge and network with industry professionals.

Event Variety

SEO conferences come in various formats, including in-person and virtual events. This diversity allows participants to choose the type of conference that best suits their preferences and circumstances. In-person conferences offer the chance to meet and connect with fellow attendees face-to-face, fostering meaningful relationships and networking opportunities. On the other hand, virtual conferences provide the convenience of attending from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for travel expenses and allowing for greater flexibility in scheduling.

Moreover, SEO conferences cover a wide range of topics and themes, catering to different areas of expertise within the SEO industry. Some conferences focus on technical SEO, while others delve into content marketing, local SEO, or e-commerce strategies. This variety ensures that attendees can find conferences that align with their specific interests and professional goals.

Location and Dates

SEO conferences are hosted in various locations around the globe, providing attendees with the opportunity to explore new cities and cultures while expanding their SEO knowledge. Whether it's a conference in a bustling metropolis or a serene coastal town, the choice of location adds an element of excitement and adventure to the conference experience.

Additionally, conferences are held on different dates throughout the year, ensuring that there are options available to fit into attendees' schedules. Some conferences occur annually, while others are organized on a biennial or irregular basis. This diversity allows attendees to plan accordingly and select conferences that align with their availability and professional commitments.

By attending diverse SEO conferences, professionals can gain insights from various perspectives, broaden their understanding of the industry, and connect with like-minded individuals. The variety of event formats, topics, locations, and dates ensures that there is something for everyone, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of SEO practitioners.

Benefits of Attending SEO Conferences

Attending SEO conferences, whether in-person or virtual, offers a wide range of benefits for professionals in the industry. These events provide an opportunity to directly interact with industry professionals and experts, ask questions, and gain a depth of knowledge that goes beyond self-guided online research [1]. Here are two key benefits of attending SEO conferences:

Networking Opportunities

One of the most significant advantages of attending SEO conferences is the networking opportunities they provide. These events bring together professionals from various backgrounds, including marketers, SEO experts, content creators, and industry leaders. Engaging in conversations with peers and experts allows you to exchange ideas, learn from others' experiences, and build valuable connections.

Networking at SEO conferences can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and even job opportunities. By establishing relationships with industry professionals, you can expand your professional network, stay informed about industry trends, and gain insights into best practices. Connecting with like-minded individuals who share your passion for SEO can be instrumental in your career growth.

Professional Growth

Spending hours researching articles and online resources is valuable, but attending SEO conferences can significantly enhance your learning experience in the SEO and digital marketing landscape [1]. These conferences offer a platform for industry experts to share their knowledge, insights, and success stories through presentations and workshops.

By attending sessions led by renowned speakers, you can gain in-depth knowledge about the latest trends, strategies, and techniques in the ever-evolving field of SEO. The information shared at these conferences is often practical, actionable, and based on real-world experiences. This exposure to new ideas and perspectives can inspire you, challenge your existing beliefs, and help you stay ahead of the curve.

Furthermore, SEO conferences provide an opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and receive personalized feedback from industry experts. The ability to engage in direct conversations with these professionals can accelerate your learning process and provide valuable guidance for your specific challenges and goals.

In summary, attending SEO conferences offers numerous benefits, including networking opportunities and professional growth. These events allow you to connect with industry professionals, expand your network, gain insights from experts, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. By actively participating in SEO conferences, you can enhance your skills, broaden your knowledge, and position yourself for success in the dynamic field of SEO.

Future of SEO Conferences

As the SEO and digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, the future of SEO conferences is both exciting and promising. These conferences serve as a valuable platform for industry professionals to stay ahead of the curve and gain insights into the latest trends and advancements in the field. In this section, we will explore the industry trends and advancements shaping the future of SEO conferences.

Industry Trends

The rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning have dramatically reshaped the SEO and digital marketing landscape. Attending SEO conferences has become one of the best ways to benefit from the latest industry insights while expanding your professional network [1]. SEO professionals understand the value of staying up to date with the latest trends and techniques. These conferences provide an opportunity to interact with peers, ask questions, and develop relationships that can be beneficial in the long run [1].

In recent years, SEO conferences have also embraced virtual formats, allowing attendees from all over the world to participate without the need for travel. This trend has opened doors for broader accessibility and inclusivity, enabling individuals to engage with industry experts and thought leaders from the comfort of their homes or offices. Hybrid conferences, combining in-person and virtual elements, are also gaining popularity, providing flexibility to attendees while maintaining the benefits of face-to-face interactions.

Advancements in SEO

Advancements in SEO techniques and strategies are continuously evolving, and SEO conferences play a vital role in disseminating this knowledge. These conferences showcase the latest tools, technologies, and methodologies that can help businesses improve their online visibility and organic search rankings. Attendees can learn about cutting-edge practices like voice search optimization, mobile optimization, structured data implementation, and user experience enhancements.

Moreover, SEO conferences provide a platform for industry experts and thought leaders to share their insights and experiences. Keynote presentations, panel discussions, and workshops cover a wide range of topics, including content marketing, technical SEO, link building, local SEO, and more. By attending these sessions, professionals can gain valuable insights, practical tips, and actionable strategies to enhance their SEO efforts.

As the future unfolds, SEO conferences will likely continue to evolve, keeping pace with the ever-changing SEO landscape. They will remain a beacon for SEO professionals, offering a platform to learn, share, and connect with like-minded individuals in the industry.

Remember to stay updated with the upcoming SEO conferences in 2024, such as the SXSW Conference from March 7-15 in Austin, TX, and many others. These conferences provide a great opportunity to gain new SEO knowledge, grow your network, and benefit from the latest industry insights [1]. By attending these events, you can stay at the forefront of the SEO industry and ensure continued success in your digital marketing endeavors.


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[2]: https://moz.com/mozcon

[3]: https://www.shinyconf.com/keynote-speakers

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